The NDP Referendum is here! 22nd October 2015

At Last the Referendum is upon us. on the 22nd October all residents of Devonshire Park will have the opportunity to vote on the Neighborhood Development Plan.

7 years in the making, the document is readily available in the St Josephs Parish Center, Wirral Borough Council and from this very Blog site for all to read.

Please exercise both your opportunity to vote and your legs by coming along to the St Joseph’s Parish Center on 22nd October (open 7am-10pm) and help us all have a say in the decisions that effect Our Community – Our Homes – Our Families

See you all there

**** please do look at pur NDP consultation following the above tab ****

150 residents at Site Visit

150 residents at Site Visit

150 Residents braved a chilly February afternoon to meet with the Wirral Borough Council’s Planning Committee today. Local resident’s showed a peaceful protest against the development of 17-23 Rocky Bank Rd into 8 Flats. This site visit is the precursor to tomorrows Planning meeting (@6pm) in Wallasey Town Hall. The Committee members were aghast at the support shown today and fearful of there “being enough space to fit them in” to hear tomorrows debate.

******************* UPDATE***************************

read below folks, this is serious stuff.

We need more of those yellow posters out.

Hi folks,

Would love another attempt this  Saturday 9th Feb to rouse people and get the message ( posters) out. I will be down outside the New Threat (South Road) at 10.30pm Saturday morning. We can then move to other roads.

North Road will need some focus.

Who is up for just knocking on some doors and making our neighbours aware of the need to have a LARGE presence at the Town Hall, it is crucial, we get a massive turnout.

Just an hour will do on Saturday, please please.

It’s not hard we pair up and just chat with people, honest , go on !


17-23 Rocky Bank Road and possibly the next Loango ! South Rd & West Bank Rd junction.

Folks (neighbours) ,

Further to a committee members note and vigilance pse see this URL.


This other very large property ( of late Gordon’s )  is for auction just like 17-23 was so many years ago.

I think people, our neighbours in that corridor of Devonshire Park need to be aware of what could happen to that house, they need forewarning. Developers don’t care for Devonshire Park believe me. Forewarned could mean that as part of that process they could display posters about the “campaign” and make any budding developer aware of the DPRA and NDP. It might affect their inclination to bid.

I am quite happy to lobby in that area and do something with others, I am also conscious that I can’t expect the committee to carry the burden as it is far too much, so perhaps I and others who are not on the committee could help you guys.

I am quite happy to do some door knocking Friday or Saturday in support of OUR collective neighbourly cause.

This could also raise awareness around the site visit and Panning meeting.

Hope folks don’t think I have spoken out of turn but this next property could well be just another Loango – believe me.


Robbie ( a neighbour )


We’re On Our Way !!!

The Public Consultation for our draft Neighbourhood Plan went live on the 8th February and will conclude on the 23rd March following the mandatory six week period.
Over 300 letters have been posted to numerous agencies, i.e. Housing Assoc., Landowners, MP’s and Government Depts , Councillors, Business’s etc etc for any relevant comments they may wish to make.
The relevant documents detailing the plan will be made available for Public Inspection at Birkenhead Library, Birkenhead and Seacombe One-Stop Shops, the Technical Services Dept. at Cheshire Lines Building in Canning Street and at St Joseph’s Parish Centre. A Public Notice also has to be published in the local press.
We now need to focus on the remaining stages within the guidelines minimising the period between each stage until the referendum.
C.L.G. are expected to announce the relevant Acts of Legislation during April, once these are known we will be able to finalise the remaining stages more precisely.
We hope to be able to publish a timetable for the remaining stages in the near future.
This represents a big leap forward towards our primary goal of having an approved Development Plan and Development Order in place this calender year.

PUBLIC MEETING – Wednesday 8th February 8:00pm St.Josephs

Wirral Core Strategy Development Paln

Hi Folks,

We have been invited by the WBC to further consultation on the Core Strategy Development Plan for the whole of the Wirral, some of you may have already contributed in the first phase between Nov 2010 and Jan 2011. They have now sub-divided the Wirral into 18 different areas, and our specific one can be seen in the link below, so if you wish to make any comments please do so by the 12th March 2012.

We are actually referred to in this document, under Section 3.3 titled Reasoned Justification Section, as follows:
” Neighbourhood planning proposals are being prepared for Devonshire Park to maintain the family housing character of the area. ”

NEXT PUBLIC MEETING Wednesday 28th September 7.30 IN THE JOEYS !

Hi Folks,
Wirral Borough Council will be hosting a community consultation in Devonshire Park this Wednesday evening, to find out your views about the future of our area.

The results of the consultation will feed into the Neighbourhood Order, on which residents will be voting later this year.

If we vote to adopt the Order, it will form part of the formal planning strategy for the area which means that local people will at last have a proper voice and influence in the decisions that affect our community.

Lynn Evans from Westbank Road will be chairing the meeting for Devonshire Park. Louise Holland Davies, Area Co-ordinator for Oxton and Prenton and Lucy Bede from the Community Planning and Engagement Team, both of Wirral Borough Council will be attending the consultation and would like to look at four main areas

1. The local economy – jobs and employent

Are there sufficient opportunities in the area and what more can be done to stimulate growth and prosperity?

2. Family

Do we have enough facilities for young and old? Are there any gaps in services? Are the services we have good quality?

3. Your Council

What should the council’s priorities be for the future? Do we get a good deal / quality service from WBC?

4. Your Neighbourhood

What is important in the local environment? We are talking about buildings, planning issues, things that are important in your street.

This is likely to be the section that we spend the most time on as it is directly relevant the plan or “Neighbourhood Order” we are working on for Devonshire Park.

All residents are very welcome to attend.

Please don’t let the idea of a “meeting” put you off.  It will be very informal – a chance to sit down with our neighbours and the local council and have a friendly chat about the local issues that are important to us.

We will be sitting in the bar. Really hope to see you there


St Joseph’s wins Gold Award for ‘Best Public / Business Garden’

Plaque for ‘Best in Devonshire Park’